Schedule WASA2013 Fall Co-ed Dodgeball - Westminster/North Denver

Volunteer Referees - Teams will provide one volunteer to assist the head ref.
Week1 - 7:15p Balls to yo' face! / 8:15p Balls Deep / 9:15p Chuck's Ballz!
Week2 - 6:30p Chucks Balls! / 7:30p Ballbarians / 8:30p Watch your Balls
Week3 - 6:30p Balls to yo' face! / 7:30p Balls Deep / 8:30p Much Ado about Balls
Week4 - 7:15p Monitor / 8:15pp Ballbarians / 9:15p Chucks Balls!
Week6 - 6:30p Watch Your Balls / 7:30p Balls to yo' face! / 8:30p Monitor

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